SUR MOI was conceived with a singular purpose – to craft fragrances that evoke profound emotions for those who wear them. Tailored to stir your senses and transcend boundaries, our fragrances are designed for everyone. Drawing from the same creative processes used in choreographing movement, we now express that artistry through our scent profiles and formulations.

Our perfume oils and soon to launch Eau De Parfums are meticulously developed to be layered, allowing you to curate a personalized scent that is uniquely and authentically you. The Hym Collection draws inspiration from three poignant connections – Noa embodies a crush, Lang encapsulates lust, and Fal captures the essence of love.

The In My Feels Collection draws inspiration from human behavior and the intricate complexities of life, tapping into the emotional responses that resonate within us all. Gasp, Dopamine, and Kekoon are abstract yet familiar, boasting universal scent profiles.

Just as you artfully layer your clothing, our fragrances invite you to layer your perfume, creating a bespoke olfactory experience that resonates with your individuality.



Undeniable Italian roots have initiated and grounded the launch and birth of SUR MOI CORPO meaning "on my body." 

Launching our first capsule that includes one of one deconstructed x reworked small batch drops and a curation of accessories to elevate each look. Designed to be layered and encouraged to be worn and styled in your own way. Offering stand out pieces for the brave and elevated essentials that feel like a balanced mix between avant-garde x classic vintage apparel. 

Designed and based in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Fragrance and Fashion Designer Hayley Paone. Our deconstructed x reworked pieces are designed and made in Toronto. For our essential batch designs we work with a reputable factory in china and we are currently creating our second capsule with an incredible manufacturer in Canada that produce high end luxury for likeminded designers and brands. An emphasis is placed on ethical production and anti-sweat shop practices.




She has poured(quite literally) her hands, heart and soul into her Fragrance and Fashion brand. 

Layering and moving through it from the base note all the way up to the top note that you wear on your skin. The nose and Designer behind it all, scents and fashion have always been an essential part of Hayley’s life. 
Her first love was the art of dance. Through movement she found her obsession for fashion, styling and photography. Similar to dance she found a new way of storytelling and choreographing memories, experiences and feelings present in her body by transferring these emotions and formulating them into fragrances and now integrating all of her skills into her designs and Capsule Collections for CORPO. Hayley is continually studying the art of perfumery and Fashion and all the technical aspects that contribute to the success and integrity of her brand.



At Sur Moi we are both lovers of natural and synthetic ingredients. We vibe with botanical ingredients for the integrity and depth they add to our fragrances, however we use and appreciate synthetic ingredients as well because they offer broader possibilities.
This provides our wearers with fragrances that are more distinctive. In order for us to maintain sustainability we may choose to use natural- identical synthetics as many natural ingredients are at risk of becoming over harvested and endangered. We source the highest quality ingredients free of toxins such as parabens & phthalates. We are Cruelty Free and Vegan.