It might be obvious for some but I felt the need to fully explain. So why is it that my first collection is called "THE HYM COLLECTION"? First of all I've always been extremely inspired by music and with having a background in dance it has shaped my life in so many ways. Music has inspired me to keep going through hard times and its birthed so many projects I am proud of over the years. 

A hymn is known for a praise to something greater than ourselves for me that would be the universe, my higher self. It can also refer to someone or something we love that we feel high regard for.  Him or Hym also being a male (and for those that resonate as a him or hym whatever your pronoun is).

The HYM in my collection comes from the romantic relationships and feelings I've had that impacted me. Some changed my perspective, some showed me theirs, some were the right person at the time for me to learn what I needed and only one did I actually love. Why do we gravitate to certain people and what attracts us to them. What do we need in a relationship, what doesn't work for us and how do we nurture the relationship with ourselves without feeling as though we've lost of part of who we are at the core.

Each fragrance that I created was an interpretation of three different types of feelings and emotions I experienced with three different people at different stages of my life. Although I've had experiences with others pre and post these three taught me the most. I think I've grown so much from each of them and obviously still forever figuring it out. 

 My Take aways from all of hym:

1) Loving a feeling someone gives you is not the same as being in love with the actual person... sometimes we just fall in love with who we become when we are with them. 

2) Never be an option no matter how deeply you feel for them (unless of course you don't care which I think is highly unlikely for those that say or pretend they don't)

3) You can love someone and they can love you but still not want to be with you. 

4) Sounds Cliche but that saying "when someone shows you who they are believe them"

5) Watch Patterns not only in others but in yourself... they likely need to be broken in order for you to move forward. 

6) Never pretend you care less or more or not at all because it doesn't really get you anywhere. If this is something you need to do in order to keep something around its probably better you let it fall away anyways. If someone doesn't like to hear how you feel or devalues it in any way why stick around...Honesty is the new flex for 2023. 

Most importantly How to LOVE & NURTURE YOURSELF. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Each ingredient I used was intentional. I could literally explain each one and why but I'll leave that for another day.

Lots of love, 

Hayley Paone